DWC funding cuts “not good business sense”, says entrepreneur

Entrepreneur and DWC patron Kavita Oberoi

Local entrepreneur and DWC patron Kavita Oberoi has recently spoken out in support of the centre in response to Derby City Council’s proposed cuts to our funding. She said in a statement:

I became a patron of Derby Women’s Centre in 2010 because its work complements my own desire to see more women challenge barriers in the workplace and break the “glass ceiling”. The women’s centre does an excellent job helping women overcome personal difficulties, socio-economic inequalities and improve employment skills and confidence, which all contribute toward enabling women to fulfil their potential.

What I really admire about the centre is the variety of services they offer and their integrated delivery. The importance to these women of being able to access a number of services in the same place – a women-only environment where they feel welcome and safe – cannot be underestimated.

Kavita is the founder and Managing Director of Oberoi consulting. She has appeared on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire and is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs. She said of the council’s proposal:

Cutting the funding of the women’s centre is not good business sense. The centre reduces the pressure on other publically-funded bodies. Many NHS GPs, for example, refer patients to the centre for counselling, which it provides at a much cheaper cost.

A recent report by the Women’s Resource Centre  has found that nationally, women’s organisations generate between £5 and £11 in value for every pound spent, providing excellent value for money in supporting women and children.

Derby Women's Centre are a Registered Charity No 1135743