We are a leading provider of support services for women in Derby and Derbyshire. Our services tie into our aim of empowering women to lead independent lives. Although interrelated, they fit into four broad categories: mental health services, including counselling; domestic violence support; advice services; and social and creative activities. We also have rooms available for hire.

Mental Health Support

1 in 4 women will suffer from mental health problems. If you’re affected, don’t suffer in silence! We are a leading provider of mental health support for women in Derbyshire, and our services include a low cost women’s counselling service,  various workshops/courses to build confidence and self esteem, become more assertive, and cope with issues such as anxiety and depression. Read more

Counselling Support

Counselling support is one of our core services and remains in high demand.  We aim to make the counselling service affordable for all women in Derby and Derbyshire. Counselling support at Derby Women’s Centre is delivered by mainly female counsellors.  You will be able to request a female counsellor if you prefer. Read more

Domestic Violence Support

We provide support for victims of domestic violence in Derbyshire through the Freedom Programme and domestic violence drop-in sessions. Staff members have a lot of experience in this area and are understanding, non-judgemental and discreet at all times. Read more

Advice Services

We offer free legal support in partnership with Nelson’s solicitors.   Read more

Social and Creative Activities

Derby Women’s Centre is an ideal place to meet other women and try new activities in a friendly and supportive environment. Café Femme – our popular coffee mornings – are held twice each month. We also run a range of creative courses at Derby Women’s Centre, including crafts workshops. All of our social and creative activities are an ideal opportunity to improve self esteem.

Read more

Room Hire

We have rooms available for hire to groups and for one-to-one meetings. Our rates are extremely competitive. We also offer discounts to private counsellors who would like to rent rooms for female clients. Read more


Derby Women's Centre are a Registered Charity No 1135743