Depression Is a Liar: A Service User Poem

This fantastic poem was written by one of our Time to Talk Champions!

Depression is a Liar


Depression I need to tell you, that you are a cowardly liar

You smother life, stealing oxygen, like a consuming fire

You cause untold misery, and for that I’m sure you must be glad

When you see how people are suffering and how many you make sad


You think you are clever and funny and that it’s all just a very big joke

To strip away a person’s very being, until they feel there is no hope

Why are you so deceitful, telling vicious lies so people are taken in

They believe the lies you tell them, so you tell more and their minds win


You are so crafty that you prevent us from seeing what is really true

You make people feel unworthy, so their thinking is all askew

That desire that they once had, to live full lives and really achieve

You eroded it all away, so now they no longer can believe


Reality has been obscured, you cause sufferers to lose their perception

Thinking the worst of themselves is easy, doubting even others true intention

You are a con-artist, hiding how adept you are in your own selfish illusion

Casting spells over others’ souls because you need a personality transfusion


Punishment of the past, previous mistakes and regrets you love to torment

The focus on the present is hollowed out, the future has a huge big dent

You are a heavy cloud, a long dark tunnel with no air or view in sight

You say ‘there is no point’ and you whisper ‘just give up the fight’


Depression are you listening for now the world has something to say

You may have won a battle, but the real war against you is on its way

We are talking more about your evil, to each other and we are sharing our views

About your tactics It’s Time to Talk, and Time to Change is really making news


Your stigma is being challenged so now your power will lose its strength

We will raise your real profile, and keep talking about you at great length

That lack of knowledge about you when someone says they have depression

You love it when a person’s ignorance causes them to hold the wrong impression


World – please don’t label someone, don’t dismiss them without a thought

You don’t know the path a person’s been on, how much they’ve already fought

They already think negative things, but thinking something doesn’t make it true

But you can add to that and affirm it by the negative things you say and do


A problem shared is a problem halved, isn’t that what we always say?

So the more we all share, the more our problems get smaller every day

Depression it’s you who is empty and shallow, it’s you who is really weak

You bear a grudge, you are bitter and lonely that’s why victims you long to seek

We all need to lift up our heads, together we can focus and have clear sight

Talking, listening, being there for each other means we all have a part in the fight

In the fight against depression we must join forces so we can shout out loud

We will win the war against you – and with your downfall we’ll all be proud!


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