Food Vouchers

We can issue vouchers for the Hope Centre Food Bank on 18 Curzon Street, Derby.

What Are Food Vouchers?

A food bank voucher entitles the recipient to 3 days worth of emergency food for those facing financial difficulties due to factors such as debt, unemployment, ill health, disability or domestic violence. Food is only issued on receipt of a valid voucher. Derby Women’s Centre is one of the organisations that can refer women to the Hope Centre via one of these vouchers.

How Many Food Vouchers Can I Have?

A maximum of six vouchers can be issued per calendar year. This is because they are intended to be for emergency situations rather than for regular use. Once you have exceeded your quota, it is at the discretion of the Hope Centre as to whether any further vouchers can be issued for you.

How Do I Get a Food Voucher?

Food vouchers can be given at our office on 4 Leopold Street, Derby, De1 2HE. A member of staff will complete the form with you and sign it ready for you to take to the Hope Centre. You will need to provide some identification including postal address.  Vouchers are not valid unless they have signed by one of our staff members, hence why we do not offer an over-the-phone option. Please note that as a women’s organisation, we can only issue food vouchers to women aged 18+.

NB: Due to a number of incidents in which women are trying to claim additional vouchers when they have reached the Hope Centre’s upper limit, we are now required to ask for ID before we can issue vouchers. 

1 piece of ID from the following to prove your identity: (without which we are not authorised to issue vouchers)

  • Child Benefit letter 
  • Passport
  • Driving licence

 PLUS 1 Form of ID from the following:

  • Utility bill with your name and address on it
  • Medical Card

BOTH of these types of ID must be shown in order to receive a voucher.

When is the Hope Centre Open?

Opening times are Tuesdays from 1-3pm and Fridays 10 am to 1 pm. Please arrive 30 minutes before closing to collect your food parcel.  It is anticipated that you plan your visit to  Derby Women’s Centre so that you can still get to the Hope Centre before it closes; they are not obliged to issue any food outside of these times. You must use your voucher within 3 days of it being issued for it to remain valid.