Keeping Children Safe Online

While Derby Women’s Centre do not directly support anyone under the age of 18 years, we recognise that not everyone knows where to turn to keep your children safe online.

We have decided to share a few links of trusted websites where you can go to learn how to keep your children safe whilst they are online, whether that is on a computer, tablet, game console or mobile phone.

Even if you think that your child won’t do anything that you would consider dangerous online, we recommend that you read the various articles as you may be shocked at some of the information.

In today’s environment you cannot simply keep your child offline, as they need it to access so many things, from playing games to doing their school work.

The first port of call for most parents would be the NSPCC.  Here is the direct link onto their online safety page NSPCC keep your child safe online       A practical guide to social media

Childnet      Keeping under 5 year old children safe online

Internet      A Families guide to keeping children safe online

Keep Children Safe Online     This website has sections for grown ups and for children

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