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We have been made aware of this helpful guide which helps to explain Menstrual Cycles and Mental Health.  We thought that you may find the information informative and hopefully useful.

The full Guide can be found here: YOPPIE.COM

Here is a little taste of the guide quoted directly from the above website.

‘Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is something that most people who have periods will experience. Hormones are powerful, and when they’re fluctuating (as they do before your period) they can make us feel pretty physically and emotionally out of kilter. Sometimes, the symptoms of PMS can go beyond just discomfort, manifesting as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) – a severe form of PMS.

Unfortunately, PMS is common. From bloating and headaches to bad skin and sensitive moods, a whopping 90% of us will experience at least one PMS symptom before our period.

If that wasn’t enough, before our period, hormones can also amplify things like anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions we may already be trying to manage. Thanks, hormones!

In this guide, Yoppie explores PMS, PMDD, uncovering the unique relationship between your period and your mental health to help you get on top of PMS for good!



Because hormones have a hand in almost everything going on in our bodies, they also affect our brains and therefore, emotions.This is why hormones can directly influence our mental health, even if that change is just periodic and linked to our monthly cycle.

Learning about what your hormones are up to during your cycle can help you understand why you might be feeling a certain way. And although it won’t give you the power to suddenly control how you’re feeling all of the time, it can help you make sense of it.

It also acts as a reminder to stop our inner voice giving us such a hard time, and to be kind to ourselves instead. With the right knowledge and self-care, we can turn meltdowns and angst into understanding and compassion.

Many people will also experience a mental health condition at some point in our lives, whether that’s just briefly or something that has to be managed long term. Understanding how our hormones interplay with existing mental health conditions can help to avoid misdiagnosing PMS or PMDD. We’ll go into more detail about this a bit later in the article.’

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