Our Time to Talk Champions Discuss Their Experiences of Mental Health (Part 6)

This fortnight, some of our Time to Talk Champions are discussing their experiences of mental health and why they wanted to get involved in the project to help to tackle stigma and discrimination. Here is the sixth blog post in our series!

“What Experiences of Mental Health Problems Have You Had in the Past?” 

I’ve suffered from depression on and off since my teens and have also suffered Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Isolation can be a huge problem when you’re depressed. When I moved to a new area over 10 years ago and was depressed, I felt incredibly lonely.  I’ve had very little understanding in the past from certain people and one person told me to ‘pull myself together.’

“I’ve had bad experiences with a counsellor and three GPs.  I’ve also been passed over for a couple of jobs once I disclosed that I had depression in the past. I’m pleased to say that I now have encountered some very understanding and supportive medical professionals, including a counsellor and my new GP.  I also now have some wonderful friends.”

What Have Your Experiences of the Project Been Like?

The people who also attended the course were a lovely group and everyone was accepting and compassionate of one another.  Friendships have developed through this course, which is brilliant!”

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