Here are our appearances in the press.



– Team Striders National Citizen Service raise £580 for charity (August 2015, Derby Telegraph)

–   Derby Women’s Centre rescued by £25,000 grant from city council (December 2014, Derby Telegraph)

Derby volunteers sought to raise awareness of mental health stigma (August 2014, Derby Telegraph)

Derby Women’s Centre saved: £40k windfall stops abuse support centre closing (June 2014, Derby Telegraph)

Derby Women’s Centre Closure Fear Because of Crumbling Building (March 2014 – Derby Telegraph)

Derby Woman Has Been Abused By Her Husband for 50 Years – But She Can’t Leave Him (March 2014 – Derby Telegraph)

– I tried to kill myself – and felt so sad when I woke up because I had failed (December 2013 – Derby Telegraph)

– Derby centre may lose £50,000 lottery funding to help abused women (December 2013,  Derby Telegraph)

Sue and centre staff are losing pounds for pounds (May 2013, Derby Telegraph)

– Derby Women’s Centre is saved and will increase help (March 2013, Derby Telegraph)

– Derby Women’s Centre could close if £500k Big Lottery bid is not success (February 2013, Derby Telegraph)

£500 kicks off centre’s campaign to expand its counselling service (December 2012, Derby Telegraph)

Shocking stats reveal soccer’s link to abuse in Derbyshire homes (April 2012, Derby Telegraph)

Cash boost for centre that supports women in crisis (April 2012, Derby Telegraph)

Donation of building is lifeline for threatened women’s centre (March 2012, Derby Telegraph)

Women’s group appeal boosted by anonymous donation (Feb 2012, Derby Telegraph)

Euro MP claims centre closure would affect the whole family (Jan 2012, Derby Telegraph)

Comedian Jo Brand is backing battle for funding to help Derby women (Jan 2012, Derby Telegraph)

We’re the first port of call for women in hour of crisis … now we need help (Oct 2011, Derby Telegraph)

Women’s centre fashion show to create good image (Sept 2011, Derby Telegraph)