Current Fundraising Targets

Efforts are currently focused on raising funds for new workshops for our service users. At present, we are almost completely reliant on volunteer support from trained facilitators in order to be able to offer workshops and this means that we are not always able to deliver workshops as often as we would like. We are therefore looking to fundraise throughout the year to be able to deliver more confidence boosting and therapeutic workshops for our service users. We are extremely grateful for any contributions towards the costs of this.

A 5-week series of workshops will cost around £250 (@£25/hour for the facilitator), while a 10-week series of workshops will cost around £500.

How You Can Help

Literally every pound will help towards our goal. We are hoping to get support from local businesses too, as well as our wonderful supporters.

Donations can be made via our LocalGiving page (

How Can I Raise Funds for DWC?

There are a range of ways to fundraise for us. You can do anything from planning a coffee morning to running a marathon on our behalf. We’re always grateful for the support so please get in touch and let us know what you’re planning and we can support your fundraising efforts. We can also help you with putting together press releases to promote your fundraiser as widely as possible.

Email us or call us on 01332 242654 if you would like to discuss your ideas with us.