Women’s Counselling at Derby Women’s Centre


Are you looking for counselling in and around Derby? At Derby Women’s Centre, we provide low cost counselling for women in a predominantly female environment. During counselling support, women can work through issues such as low confidence and poor self-esteem, relationship difficulties, depression, distress following abuse or trauma, stress, anxiety and bereavement. Our counsellors will listen to your worries and concerns and empower you how to resolve issues or to change the situation. Sometimes, it can help just to share your feelings with your counsellor. We have received impressive feedback from our previous counselling clients. 100 per cent felt that their counsellor was helpful, understanding, non-judgemental and professional. 97 per cent reported that accessing counselling support had helped them to cope better with life.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are unable to accept any more counselling placements or people to be added to our counselling waiting list until further notice – February 2022.

Our Counsellors

Our counsellors are volunteers, who range from the experienced to the pre-qualified. Most of our counsellors are female but we have recently brought some male counsellors on board to work with male clients.. All of our counsellors adhere to strict codes of ethics and professional conduct set out by the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). 

How to Get Counselling With Us  

Email our Counselling Administrator Kath

Here are some alternative short term services.

Trent PTS – 01332 265659

Derwent Rural Counselling Service – 01332 344435

Talking Mental Health – 0300 1230542

Cruse Berevement Care – 01332 332098 Derby@cruse.org.uk

Treetops (Berevement) – 0115 949 1264

Relate – 01332 349 177 https://www.relate.org.uk


We currently take referrals from females aged 18 and over. A small number of our counselling clients access the service from outside of the county but the majority come from Derby and Derbyshire.

Making a referral is very simple; just send us an email with your full name, address, telephone number and whether we are okay to leave messages on this number to our Counselling Administrator Kath .You will then be added to the waiting list as soon as your email is received all information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with other services.

There is currently a 8 month turnaround time after being added to the waiting list. After this, you will be invited to come into Derby Women’s Centre for an initial assessment with our Counselling Coordinator to discuss your needs in more detail (including determining whether counselling support is the right option for you) and to then be assigned a counsellor.

Our Counselling Fees

We aim to provide a low cost counselling service with fees that are affordable and less expensive than private counselling. Typically, our fees can be between £5 and £20 whereas a private counselling session could potentially cost a lot more than this.


Confidentiality is part of the BACP ethical and professional practice code that our counsellors must adhere to. Anything discussed with your counsellor will remain confidential with the following exceptions: if you disclose information about current child abuse, terrorism or drug trafficking. NB: If you need support sooner than we can offer and/or you are prepared to pay for private counselling, you can use the BACP and Counselling Directory websites to find a counsellor.