How Volunteers Help Us

Throughout our history, Derby Women’s Centre has relied on volunteers including office staff, counsellors and facilitators. Many of our activities and services are delivered by volunteers on a one-off or short term basis.  These include coffee mornings, complementary therapies, courses and workshops.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Got a great idea for a course, workshop, complementary therapies or coffee morning that would appeal to our service users? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you soon.

Our services/activities are predominantly delivered by individuals who are fully trained or very close to this and with their own insurance. This is particularly important for mental health and domestic violence support given the nature of our work in these areas.

Counselling Placements

Our counselling service is hugely dependent on the support of volunteer counsellors to work with clients.  We are currently looking for 2nd or 3rd year students at College or University.  If you are interested please email your details to us Send us an email.

Why Volunteer for DWC?

Volunteering at Derby Women’s Centre is a rich and rewarding experience, not least because you can give something back to the wider community. As a charity, we rely on volunteers much more than most organisations, so you can be sure that your contribution will be valued. You’ll also be able to help women in Derby and Derbyshire to achieve a better quality of life while gaining valuable experience along the way.

Volunteering can also look great on your CV, especially if you’re in between jobs or have little work experience. We can even help you to enhance your existing skills and learn some new ones. We can offer references at the end of your time with us to further help your job search.

Volunteer Criteria

Because the centre is aimed solely at women and provides a women only space, all our volunteers must be female. This is so that our most vulnerable service users feel comfortable when accessing the centre. Because of the nature of our service and the fact that we operate in a single sex environment, our situation is classed as an exception under the Sex Description Act 1975.

If you’re interested in volunteering to deliver services or activities, please be aware that you’ll need to have some expertise. For example, volunteer counsellors must be in the final year of a counselling course or newly qualified.

How can I become a DWC Volunteer?

If you’d like to help us build an environment where women are safe, strong and valued then please get in touch with us on 01332 341633 or email to arrange a meeting.