Media Broadcasts BBC East Midlands BBC Radio Derby 07 September 2017

Following yesterday’s local news TV broadcasts and interviews and Bulletins on BBC Radio Derby we would like to take this opportunity to thank donors who rallied yesterday evening and today to help raise the funds we need to continue to provide service here in #Derby. The footage and interviews hi-lighted the importance and value the Women’s Centre provides for the local and wider community in Derby and Derbyshire. Please continue to share our #GOFUNDME campaign and help raise the money we need.

Many thanks to:

Rosemary Briggs-Woodward, Dawn Copeland, J Gray, Naomi Jones, Anna Bourke, Ruth Broadhurst, Alison Bradley, Claire Pointon, Terry Spence, Mark Corsham, Elizabeth Hogg, Dave Hudson, Halima Yasin, Catherine Williams, Ian Hunter, Norean Yasin, Jodie Turton, Yasmin Nazir.

for your kind, inspiring, generous donations and well wishes and support through #GOFUNDME

We are committed to deliver the events and programme’s as advertised, these will continue for as long as possible, regardless of our current situation.

We will post further news and links from the BBC East Midlands news and Radio Derby here, do please keep on sharing and thank you for your support.

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