Personal Safety: What to Do if You Encounter the Perpetrator

Victims of domestic abuse can find themselves in an unsafe position due to contact with an abusive partner or ex-partner. This can happen if you are followed home or to an appointment, for example. In this scenario, it is crucial to stay out of danger (as far as possible) and take steps to secure your safety.

Change your routine. It’s not always possible to alter appointments but you can try getting there a different way to limit the potential for being followed there. This is particularly key if you suspect or know that the perpetrator could easily second guess your movements and lie in wait for you.

Go to the nearest safe place. If you are approached by the perpetrator, head for the first safe place that you can find. This might be a building such as a school or a shop, that can act as a place of sanctuary and ring the police for you if necessary.

Contact the police. If you feel that your safety is compromised by your perpetrator as a matter of emergency, ring 999.

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